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Denali Snowshoes


Snowshoeing-a great winter sport

The Denali snowshoes by MSR are an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, full-traction snowshoe meant to tackle rolling hills and excel on flat conditions. In other words, the Denali snowshoe is a versatile design that incorporates modern materials and a high level of craftsmanship to venture out into the worst blizzard like of wintry conditions with confidence and ease.

Traction is provided by steel traction bars that run nearly the length of the snowshoe. These steel bars are molded into the bottom of the shoe and are shaped and designed to provide maximum lateral traction. No more sliding around side to side with these. The steel traction bars assure a good stable grip in most any condition but are most effective on the hills and on icy covered trails.

Versatility is provided by the addition of either 4” or 8” flotation tails that can be added to the rear of the shoe for added flotation. These flotation tails are sold separately and are only needed for very heavy snow depths. The flotation tails are lightweight and easy to install.

A secure fit is made possible with binders that employ a four strap method of securing the
boot to the snowshoe. Three straps are applied over the boot and one secures it in place around the heel. The result is a feeling that the snowshoe is almost an extension of your feet. Once in place you feel securely locked in. There is even a crampon extension plate that eliminates heel drift.

If you desire a lightweight, durable, full traction snowshoe to get you over the hills with confidence, the MSR Denali may be your snowshoe of choice this winter.


  • Lindsey Lewandowski (Milwaukee Family Examiner) 5 years ago

    Great article about these snow shoes! It makes me want to go out and buy a pair.