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Demystifying Malta

One of the many brightly painted fishing boats you will see in San Ġiljan
One of the many brightly painted fishing boats you will see in San Ġiljan
Emily Friess

When you tell someone you've been to Malta, the response is generally one of confusion. What the heck is Malta?! Well, here is to demystifying the little known island.

Malta is a small island located in the Mediterranean. It is about fifty miles south of Sicily and boasts numerous amenities for the traveler looking for both fun and relaxation. Particularly, the village of San Ġiljan tends to attract tourists throughout the year.

Visitors to San Ġiljan tend to spend their days relaxing by the Mediterranean. Many hotels in the area have direct access to the sea. However, it seems that sandy beaches are mostly non-existent. The visitor to Malta will automatically notice both tourists and locals alike sunbathing on the smooth rocks that line the Mediterranean.

Day tours and various excursions are also available from the city of San Ġiljan. Tourists may choose to go on boat trips to Gozo, the Blue Lagoon, and Comino. Bus tours are also quite popular, as visitors may choose to visit Mdina or Valletta. Feeling super adventurous? Sign up for a Jeep Safari Tour and visit areas of Malta hardly visited by tourists.

When the sun goes down, prepare to party! The nightlife in San Ġiljan is something you have to experience to believe. Nightclubs and bars line the streets and regardless of what day of the week it is, people are out mingling and drinking. Most nightclubs have an outdoor patio, so you are able to enjoy the warm weather late into the night. Also, do not be surprised if you spot a teenager at the bar - the drinking age is 17.

So, what's for dinner? In Malta, stewed rabbit is a local specialty. Numerous dishes also contain pork. However, if you aren't feeling up to trying the Maltese cuisine, it is easy to order more familiar dishes. Need your American fast food fix? A Burger King near the nightclubs of San Ġiljan is open twenty-four hours.

Overall, the island of Malta is worth a visit. Between relaxing by the Mediterranean, touring the island, exploring the nightlife, and trying the food (if you're brave enough), one can expect a truly amazing experience on a island that many cease to know exists!


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