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Demystify your Dosha at Pranaa

Demystify your Dosha at Pranaa

Pranaa Ayurvedic Spa & Yoga Center in Plano, Texas offers spa services that are unlike any other in the area. As the only established Ayurvedic spa in the DFW Metroplex, Pranaa offers a unique experience that is based on principles that are centuries old. This eco-friendly day spa offers everything from massages, facials, lifestyle plans, yoga classes, meditation and workshops that are custom fit to your specific needs and lifestyle.

One unique service that Pranaa offers is helping guests demystify their Doshas. Every person has five primal elements within them, including air, earth, fire, water and space. These elements combine into three different Doshas, which create various physiological functions. The three Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each person has one of the three Doshas that are specific and unique to them and their needs.

The Dosha analysis is an hour-long analysis that will tell you exactly which Dosha is prominent and how to best manage your body so your Dosha will be aligned and at its best health. Once your prominent Dosha is revealed, it will then be explained to you what foods work best with your body, which environments work best for you, what beauty regime works best with your skin, what workout routine to follow and many other factors that influence your overall health and wellness.

Pranaa’s philosophy is to focus on creating a balance between mind, body, spirit, and the environment surrounding us to achieve complete harmony. It is their endeavor to promote inner wellness which will lead to a beautiful world outside.

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