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Demos invite impeachment to stave off slaughter in midterm elections (video)

The word from the White House on Friday was a strong belief Republicans will attempt to impeach the president. Dan Pfeiffer, a long-serving adviser to President Obama, told invited reporters (summoned is the correct word) the impeachment threat will come later this summer.

The heat is on
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President Barack Obama is going to a “go-it-alone immigration strategy,” as well as predictable executive actions he will approve at the end of the summer. Their aim will be to “adjust” immigration policies. This will in turn infuriate Republicans who have blocked comprehensive immigration legislation.

It is interesting that the White House is “predicting” this. Many Washington insiders think it is part of a master plan to save Democrats from their worst midterm election defeat in American political history. There apparently is nothing on the political horizon to save the Democratic Party from abject humiliation in November.

Thus, there is the impeachment “strategy” to bring public sympathy for President Obama. Does it sound ridiculous, or is it the last ditch attempt of an incompetent administration to save itself from itself?

The road to impeachment is very much there. Republicans in the House will authorize a lawsuit against Obama this week. The charges range from overstepping his constitutional authority through an assortment of executive orders, including the raising of the minimum wage for federal contract workers.

Pfeiffer predicts Republicans will move for impeachment proceedings to attempt removal of Obama from power. Not unlike the famous battery commercials of the 1980’s where actor Robert Conrad dares the viewer to knock the product off his shoulder, the White House is actually pleading for this fight. Bating the reporters, Pfeiffer said, "The president acting on immigration reform will certainly up the likelihood that they would contemplate impeachment.” It would be “foolish to discount the possibility."

Actually, the lawsuit is a means from more level-headed Republicans to constrain less politically prudent members from actually going the impeachment route. Such a move could backfire as the party seeks to take over the Senate in November congressional elections. That is exactly why it won’t happen and 'talking heads' like Dan Pfeiffer look silly standing in front of reporters begging for a fight like a little school kid.

The idea may have reporters from the Huffington Post and MSNBC gleeful, but the reality of such an occurrence is as rare as a sighting of Bigfoot. Cooler Republican heads will prevail and hold their tongues until after the election; at least most of them.

Back in the adult world, the president believes his executive orders are no different than his predecessors. Obama signed 147 in his first term, compared with George W. Bush's 173, Bill Clinton's 200 and Ronald Reagan's 213 for their first terms in office. That obviously is not the problem - it is what is in the orders that is creating a constitutional crisis.

Part of Republican anger is Obama’s use of taxpayer monies. The United States has generously provided foreign aid to the countries responsible for the exodus of the “children” to our southern border. It has been encouraged by them as well as Mexico that allows the “children” safe passage.

Obama has asked Congress for $3.7 billion for the border problem. Of that amount, he wants to provide about $300 million to “help” the countries responsible for this chaos. A chance to create more favorable conditions at home so people are not tempted to leave.

There are a host of excellent reasons this president should be removed from power. There are actually more reasons than there were to remove former President Richard Nixon. But for Americans who want to see political change faster and with less drama, the midterm elections will provide the venue for such a response.

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