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Demonstrate your affection: Celebrate National Hugging Day

National Hugging Day” is a wonderful holiday to express your affection to everyone close to you. It has been proven in scientific studies that hugs are good for you. Besides feeling the warmth of love from this simple little embrace hugs have been known to also relieve stress, reduces heart rates, increases nerve activity, puts people in better moods, lowers blood pressure and trigger oxytocin in our systems which is a release of healthy hormones. Hugs encourage couples to stay close and hold each other. They provide balance, closeness and is a therapeutic technique to keep love in the air and relationships moving in a positive direction.

Are you willing to show a simple sign of affection?

Every year on Feb. 21 the nation celebrates “National Hugging Day”! This is an official holiday recognized by the United States Copyright Office. The annual holiday was created by Reverend Kevin Zaborney and was founded on March 29, 1986 in Caro, Michigan.

The main purpose of this holiday is to show more emotion in public but you can also hug in private too. It was designed to give strangers and family members the joy of a hugs health benefits both mentally and physically. If you speak with your physician they will also agree that if you hug a person four to six times a day it will improve their emotional and physiological well being as well as yours.

Types of hugs:

  • The bear hug
  • The side hug
  • The cheek hug
  • Heart-to-heart hugs
  • The catcher hug
  • The spinner hug
  • The squeezer hug
  • The little lift hugs
  • The long one
  • The waistline hug
  • The snuggle hug
  • The quickie hug
  • The looker hug
  • The head rest
  • The buddy hug
  • The polite hug
  • The quickie hug


  • There actually is a record for the most hugs given in a single hour by Nick Vujicic. The feat was recorded at the expo center in Oregon in 2010 where he delivered 1,749 hugs.

Share this message with all the people you want to hug and the news and benefits of hugging.

The best gift you can give is a hug and one size fits all! Celebrate “National Hugging Day”!

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