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Demons Devils Darkness and You

Pretty dark title huh? Well, as you read on you will see why (smile)

Many of us received our beliefs as a result of cultural and social education.  Very few people ever investigate what they believe and why; rather they go throughout life following the dictates handed down.  Is it time to change?
It is time to evolve our belief in a literal devil to the allegorical and metaphysical meaning

If I were to ask you do you believe in devils or the devil what would you say?

If I were to ask you do you believe in demons, dark forces, evil spirits, malevolent beings of some sort or another, what would you say?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes and I was to ask why, what would you say?

Where does the belief in these dark beings, dark forces, and negative influences come from?

There are civilizations and cultures throughout time that believe in and have in their literature their practice and their traditions some form of or reference some type of dark beings, dark meaning evil, malevolence, satanic, and demonic entities and beings.
Question is, why?

Long before I found New Thought, metaphysics, and the current spiritual practice that I embody, I too was a worshiper of the demonic. Now let me explain what I mean by that.

When I say that I worshiped the demonic what I mean is that I feared Demons, Devils, and Satan. Much of my life beliefs, practices, focuses were always somehow geared towards avoiding evil, avoiding sin, and therefore avoiding the devil, the darkness, and demons. And anyone who spends that much time focused on such energy, even when avoiding evil (demons, devils, Satan), is in fact worshiping them. Simply, because that’s where the thoughts, emotions, and energy are focused, that’s where the beliefs are anchored, and that’s where the time is spent running from and avoiding evil at all cost; failure to do so would result in worst case scenario going to hell.
So by default anyone who spends that much time effort and energy in that realm is in fact worshiping the darkness. And again I ask why?

Not too long ago Bishop Carlton Pearson had an article on his website and if I recall correctly he also did a video stream talking about the amount of time, effort, and energy that the church and religious folks spend “worshiping the devil.” By the time I’m done writing this article I hope to find that article and video from him and give you the links so that you also have access to that. For anyone seeking a clearer translation of what hell is and where it comes from, you may find his post well worth it to watch.

So back to my initial question why so much time, effort, and energy spent worshiping and spent focusing on the spent running from these malevolent forces? Now I know there are many people today who still believe in the Satan of the Bible, the fallen Angel Lucifer who has taken up the place of an anti-God. For all the good that God does there is Satan, the devil, the father of all lies etc. doing all that he can do literally doing his damnedest to cause God to fail by taking as many of God’s children to hell as possible. There are many indigenous cultures that also still believe in demonic possession, the influence of evil spirits, and the very presence of these spirits in and around their lives and there are those that also know that these energies are more symbolic that literal. . .

Metaphysically speaking we create as we believe; therefore if you have a belief in a demon your very belief creates the demon. If you believe that Satan, the devil has some kind of influential hold or control or bind in or around your life then your belief makes it so.

At my center, the Center for Living the Sacred: P. H. O. E. N. I. X. Fellowship & Institute, we periodically do something called Metaphysical Movie Night where we watch a movie and then discuss it from a metaphysical point of view. Thus far we haven’t done this with any “horror” movies; however, there is one horror movie "The Apparition" that I would like to do this with, simply because the premise of the movie is precisely what I’m talking about here. There’s a group of scientists if I recall correctly or they could be college students of that I’m not sure, who are proposing that by sheer thought alone, by creating the belief in an entity or supernatural being they can actually create apparition. That being said their experiment proved a success because they actually did create the spirit and to their dismay this evil spirit, now created begins to kill them one by one and what they then realize is that they can’t un-create the spirit because once they believe they can’t unbelieve.

The good news for those of us who are metaphysicians and students of New Thought is that we can change our beliefs. It was Einstein who said that, “you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem,” and so you cannot believe in the devil and in the premise as stated in such New Thought centers/churches as Unity which states as their first of five basic principles that there is only one Presence and one Power active as the universe and as my life, God the Good. You cannot believe in God AND the devil. The belief in the devil negates that basic principle that God is all there is and that God is good because the very belief in some kind of sentient being, malevolent entity whatever name you give it means that there is God AND…

This paradoxical belief while dominant in many belief systems, cultures, religions is not a belief held in Metaphysical Christianity, New Thought, or Interfaith/inter-spiritual Metaphysics.
So let’s return to the initial question do you believe in the devil, you say yes, I ask why, do you know why?
If you could change that thought and undo the devil, literally make the demon, the devil, Satan, all forms and versions of negative malevolent beings from having any influence, affect, or relevance in any of your life experiences and affairs, would you choose to remove them? Now having had this conversation with many people before, just the thought of eliminating, removing, even erasing the idea of the devil scares people. Isn’t it interesting that we have a common phrase where we say “something scares the hell out of you” and here is this idea of removing the devil that scares the hell INTO you.

So what I encourage you to do beginning today is to look at your beliefs, your paradigms and examine where they came from and why you still have them; what are they serving you because if you have them and you’re using them then on some level you are getting something from them.
I am going to leave you with that and give you some time to ponder, consider, and marinate and later we will revisit the idea of erasing the devil from our consciousness or better yet flip the script on the devil because if you look at the word in reverse what you have is - Lived. So think of it this way, if you focus on the devil then your life is not being “lived” to the fullest potential that you deserve to live and are meant to live as an individualized expression of The One Mind, Infinite Universal Presence that is synonymous with the word God!!

Be well, Be Peace, Be Divine


Bishop Carlton resources:
66th Live Stream with Carlton Pearson - Get the Hell out of my Bible

In the totality of [God's] vastness, there is an imbalance that can be perceived or described as evil. But the evil of God is not the way we perceive evil. It's a distortion of good, good in a different form. With God, there is no bad in the sense that our human consciousness understands "bad."
Scripture teaches that everything that is or was made, was made or created by God and that everything God made was good. (Gen. 1:31, John 1:3 and Col. 1:15-20). Everything works for good, for God and has a specific and designated purpose.
Human beings themselves create evil and what I call, "stupid stuff.” We've all heard or used the terms, “The devil made me do it.” We tend to blame our misbehavior on the devil as a scapegoat for a choice or decision we later regret deeming it inappropriate or destructive. Q&A

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