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Demon's Souls: Game of the year for 2009

There is no other game on the market that instills fear into the hearts of gamers such as Demon's Souls. It has been called the game for the “hardest of hardcore players”, and it has more than earned that title. This medieval set, role-playing game is many gamers choice for 2009’s Game of the Year.

Starting players off with a normal tutorial, one might soon ask: “Where are the directions?”

“They’re at your feet,” an experienced player would reply. So the game begins, getting the player acquainted with the hints and tips strewn through out the game left by, not the game developers, but the other players! Red markers on the ground can be examined and read to reveal hints or warnings to other players, such as “Use fire on next enemy,” or “Experienced players may proceed.” Many of the blood stains on the ground aren’t just for looks; they too can be examined to see how that particular player died in that very area.

The unique online interaction doesn’t stop there though. A player can summon other players to their world in order to help beat a level too tough to take alone. If helping others isn’t quite your thing then that’s okay, because you can choose to hurt. Along with summoning players to help, there are also player invasions. While invading, you can take sword, bow, or wand in hand to slay your opponent, in some of the most intense and satisfying player-verses-player combat on the market.

For its intense game play, beautiful graphics, and extremely unique multi-player experience, Demon’s Souls deserves both praise and the title of Game of the Year.


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