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Demon possessed children in Indiana - Is it another media hoax?

If you are heading out on the roads of America, beware of the long tentacles of the media. It seems they are grabbing for stories.

There are definitely many things going on in this world that are not right, and many are unexplained, but there are also many attributed to media hoaxes. There seems to be a pattern lately of extreme media tales, which include frozen sharks on beaches on the Gulf Coast of the United States and reports of a ghost ship adrift in the North Atlantic with cannibalistic rats aboard. Some media sources seem to stand behind some of these claims as being real, while some are just needing a good story.

The latest of these horror related news breakers is an Internet splattered tale of demon possessed children in Indiana. Just type "demon possessed children" into your Internet browser, and watch all the media stories popup. This story has also been reported on TV.

Some sources are claiming that the incidents involving these kids are backed up by police reports, including child service reports. The mother of the children says that the children were possessed two years ago. If this is true, why is the story just now coming out. Also, there are conflicting details in some of the media accounts as to what actually happened. Some accounts indicate that 200 or more demons possessed the children. Who keeps a count on that kind of thing, and why didn't someone video any of those incidents.

This tale of demonic possession seems to be getting more media coverage in the United Kingdom than in the United States. Go figure that one. But, before someone says this writer does not believe that people can be possessed, I did not say that. I was in law enforcement for over 28 years and saw people do cruel things to others that made me shake my head and ask myself, "How anyone that is not possessed by evil could do that to another human being!"

Anyway, I think I have said enough. Watch the video in this article and check out the stories on the Internet, and you be the judge.

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