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Democrats worried about Torrey Westrom

The best proof that Democrats are worried is the fact they're attacking Torrey Westrom. An unnamed liberal Democrat attacked Sen. Westrom because the Democrat tried making the argument that raising taxes is patriotic. Here's how the liberal framed his opening argument:

Man: [During] the Eisenhower Administration, we built our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our schools, our fire halls, we built that during that era and the tax rate on the wealthiest people was 60 percent, and it was an honor for them, and society looked up to them, they were pillars in their community and respected, and we appreciated them. And now all I see is scapegoating on the poor, blaming people on food assistance when they can’t even get a part-time job… I’m saying that [rich people] pay less in income tax than poor people do.

Westrom: Even though 48 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes?

An obscure left wing website and the DCCC jumped all over this, calling this Sen. Westrom's "Mitt Romney moment" because of the reference to the percentage of Americans who don't pay income taxes. If this obscure left wing website thinks that this will hurt Sen. Westrom, they should ask themselves how many voters will walk into a voting booth and say 'I can't vote for Sen. Westrom. He uses facts when he makes his argument.'

That the DCCC and this obscure website is hanging their smear campaign on a political hack who doesn't know his way around the federal tax system is telling. This liberal website apparently thinks that Sen. Westrom shouldn't highlight the fact that the activist in the video either hasn't figured it out that the lowest income people pay virtually no income tax or he's exceptionally dishonest.

Further, it's telling that this activist apparently is arguing for higher income taxes to rebuild roads and bridges. Isn't the activist aware that the federal gas tax pays for those things?

Sidenote: This is what happens when low information voters turn into activists. When that happens, those activists have the potential of making fools of themselves like this gentleman did.

Man: The Bible says, ‘To whom much has been given, much shall be required.’ Now [the wealthy] built that infrastructure and they did that out of the goodness of their hearts in the ’50s and now it’s like pulling teeth to get an extra dime out of the wealthiest people in this society, and I’m tired of it.

First, anyone that thinks "the rich" didn't complain about paying high marginal tax rates in the 50's is kidding himself. Second, the taxes weren't being wasted on wasteful government like the GAO reports on each year. The types of things that the GAO report highlights are positively sinful.

Finally, the infrastructure that was built helped "the rich" make more profits. The interstate highway system wasn't built so people could get to their vacation destination faster. It was built to transport products, from agricultural products to TV sets to construction materials to their destinations quickly.

The activist in the video apparently thinks that "the rich" shouldn't complain about tax increases to pay for politicians' expensive decisions. Doesn't this activist think that someone should protect the people paying the taxes instead of protecting government foolishness?

Sen. Westrom will fight against foolish, out-of-control government spending. While Collin Peterson has done that from time to time, he certainly hasn't consistently fought against foolish government spending.

If voters want someone who consistently fights to protect their wallets, their only choice is Sen. Westrom.

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