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Democrats using attorney general's office as an arm for political advocacy

The attorney general's office is being used to advance political ideology.
The attorney general's office is being used to advance political ideology.

While the majority of the media functions as a lapdog to liberal thinking, the democrats have taken political advocacy to a new level by using the attorney general’s office position as though it were an arm of the political party.

If you think changing the rules of power in the Senate so the democrats can have their way was interesting, the Democrats have lifted a page from Jerry Brown’s attorney general playbook and are attempting the same strategy elsewhere….if you don’t like a law, then do not defend it.

Virginia lawmakers are in a tizzy because Attorney General Mark Herring has opted not to defend Virginia’s marriage law. Herring even filed a lawsuit last week to void Virginia’s constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

State Delegate Todd Gilbert blasted Herring for violating his sworn duty and will of the people to protect and defend Virginia’s state constitution.

Gilbert declared, “The attorney general’s decision to refuse to enforce a duly-adopted provision of the Virginia Constitution is frightening no matter where you stand on the issue of marriage” said Gilbert in an interview to the Christian Broadcast Network in a news article published Monday, January 27th.

Attorney general Herring’s defiance to do his elected duty mirrors what then California attorney general Jerry Brown did when he refused to defend the controversial Prop 8 measure that made gay marriage illegal in California.

Although the judicial segment of the government is to interpret or enforce existing laws, Herring has taken aggressive action to not only fail to defend Virginia’s law, but is taking action to overturn what voters approved in the election.

According to Gilbert in the GOP Address announced this week, he thundered that Herring’s decision shows “contempt” for the “legislative and Democratic processes”.

The United States' Attorney General Eric Holder has been using his authority to get the US Supreme Court to overturn a justice decision to offer exemption to “The Little Sisters of the Poor”, a non-profit organization that provides services to the elderly and destitute. With all the pressing issues you would think the American attorney general had better things to do than worry what some Catholic nuns are doing.

With all of the extra-curricular activities there is more divisiveness in the government than ever before between liberal and conservative camps. What used to be non-political agencies have been tainted with blatant prejudice as the attorney general departments and even government agencies as the IRS, Justice Department, State Department, and NSA scandals have demonstrated.

The wall of separation between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches have been breached on multiple occasions to further political agendas, so often that it has been common for the judicial branch to establish policy from the bench instead of interpreting existing laws. The Justice Department has been directed by the executive branch on what laws to pursue or not pursue.

On the issue of same sex marriage, the collaboration of the attorney generals to not enforce marriage laws can hardly be deemed an accident since the goal of the liberals was to expand the definition of marriage. It did not matter if laws were ignored or circumvented to meet their agenda.

Ignoring their oaths as attorney generals now has a precedent. The swearing in must be for laws or amendments the attorney generals agree with.

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