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Democrats use EPA to shake down business, Obama, Reid threaten to kill people

“Republicans want dirty air and water.”

If you believe this, you’re a special kind of stupid. (There's no fear this may be insulting to anyone as any liberal who is so brain dead as to believe that would not be found actually reading at all, let alone reading something intelligent and informative.) Democrats say the EPA is there to keep our air and water clean and to protect endangered species from extinction.

Their actual purpose is to shake down businesses for government license to operate. This isn’t government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is criminal.

EPA making land grabs

The EPA is being used by Democrats to shake down energy producers and punish those who will not comply with their demands. Democrats have caused a massive drought to Southern California farms and cut Nevada ranchers off from water and grassing land. They have done so under guise of protecting “endangered species,” but since when have critters taken precedence over people?

Obama shut down offshore oil drilling by Americans while giving contracts and funds to foreign countries like Brazil to drill in the Gulf. He has shut down coal mines in West Virginia, which will drive up electricity costs in the northeast. The EPA wants to exercise its power by imposing a tax to regulate CO2 emissions from everything and anything that burns. This last was so extreme that even some Democrats would not support it and kept it from passing when Obama had a Supermajority in Congress.

Government is giving billions of taxpayer dollars to “scientists” to study man-made global warming. Scientists already know that 90% of CO2 is produced by decomposition with most of the remainder coming from volcanoes. Mankind's industries account for less than 2% of the CO2 in the world. Scientists also know that CO2 is needed by plants to produce chlorophyll and convert to oxygen, and the more CO2 is in the atmosphere then the more plants the Earth produces.

There was a time when factories were polluting America’s air and water to the extent that it made people sick, but that is long past. Today, the EPA is the club used by bureaucrats who are no more than elected gangsters shaking down businesses for the license to operate. They create new “taxes” for people to pay to them to stay in business doing what they have always done and tell the people, “It’s the law.”

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