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Democrats to women: Economy, Obamacare & Common Core suck but Equal Pay Day

Are women dumb enough to fall for the MYTH of the Wage Gap?
Are women dumb enough to fall for the MYTH of the Wage Gap?

The big news of the day, while millions of women are still searching for work; paying huge increases in health insurance thanks to Obamacare and are fighting to keep their children from suffering under Common Core? Equal Pay Day. Yes the White House and Democrats across the country, including New Hampshire’s very own Governor Hassan, Senator Sylvia Larsen and Speaker Terie Norelli, have come up with the latest lying scheme to keep women dumbed-down – Equal Pay Day. They’ve long ignored the fact that the gender wage gap is a myth. They’ve long ignored what women would really like is a job. They’ve long ignored what’s truly hurting women in New Hampshire and across this country all so they can continue to treat women like imbeciles.

They are even pushing the hashtag #EqualPayDay on Twitter. They are touting Obama’s Executive Order that allows federal contract workers to discuss their pay. One problem, they already CAN discuss their pay. It’s nothing but a sham, lie, circus and huge insult to women who actually have brains and use them. Since the wage gap has proven to be a myth over and over and over again, including by the Department of Labor, why on Earth are Democrats still pushing this scam?

Could it be that women have had it with Obamacare and the increased costs to their families? Could it be women are outraged across the country over Common Core? Or could it be women are finally sick of Democrats doing nothing to make the economy better? Seems Democrats truly believe women don’t care about the issues that are truly hurting them and only care about unicorns and Leprechauns (like the Wage Gap neither of these things exist). Is it that Democrats need to distract women from their failed economy, failed Obamacare idea, failed educational mandates and the fact that more women are in poverty now than in decades? The real question is: Are women dumb enough to fall for it?