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Democrats slammed after calling Iraq war veteran a 'coward'

Democrats call Iraq war veteran Lee Zeldin a "coward."
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Lee Zeldin is a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves who served with the elite 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq. Now, he is running for Congress from New York. Despite his service, however, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has seen fit to label him a "coward" on its website, the Daily Caller reported Thursday. The party doubled down with a tweet depicting Zeldin as the "Cowardly Lion" from "The Wizard of Oz."

"Over a month after his House Republicans passed Paul Ryan’s reckless budget, Congressional Candidate Lee Zeldin is still too scared to admit how he would vote for the plan, even though he wants Long Islanders to send him to Congress. Even though every member of Congress had no choice but to vote yes or no weeks ago, what’s taking him so long to decide? There’s only one answer: Zeldin is either woefully uninformed, willfully ignorant or a coward," the DCCC said.

Democrats said they gave Zeldin the "same Badge of Courage the Wizard of Oz gave to the Cowardly Lion." A DCCC spokesman also made the announcement on Twitter.

"Sent @leezeldin the same badge of courage today that the Wizard of Oz gave the Cowardly Lion," Marc Brummer tweeted. The tweet included a picture of the movie character with Zeldin's face photo-shopped onto the lion.

When asked about the "coward" remark, Brummer told the Daily Caller: “Why won’t Zeldin admit where he stands on the Ryan Budget?”

The message and the article sparked a torrent of anger from grassroots conservatives, who slammed Brummer for the outrageous photo.

"This candidate is a veteran with the 82nd Airborne you mindless idiots. Would love to see you say this to his face!" one person said.

"This guy was getting shot at while jumping out of planes when you were courageously scoping coeds at Fordham," another person added.

As of this writing, all of the comments on Brummer's tweet were negative. The message had been retweeted only two times, once by the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher.

The NRCC's Ian Prior called the Democrats' stunt "classless," and suggested the Party "read a book" before attacking another veteran who served in combat. He also demanded the DCCC apologize for the attack.

“Tim Bishop needs to immediately demand that his cronies at the DCCC apologize to Iraq War veteran and 82nd Airborne paratrooper Lee Zeldin for calling him a coward. Not only does that classless insult show a complete lack of respect for combat veterans and the brethren of 82nd Airborne paratroopers, but it demonstrates an ignorance of the basic American history,” he said. Bishop is the Democrat Zeldin is running to replace.

Crass, hateful attacks like these are a staple of Democratic Party politics, as we have reported numerous times. During the 2012 campaign, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney told Barack Obama to take his campaign of hate and divisiveness back to Chicago. Throughout the campaign, liberals routinely called for Romney to be murdered and even threatened civil war if he won.

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