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Democrats should look out for Dr. Ben Carson - smart and honest

A viable presidential candidate from the Republican Party is getting closer to declaring his hat in the ring. Dr. Ben Carson said Monday that he is “closer” to declaring himself a candidate for president in 2016, according to Newsmax TV.

Dr. Carson may perform fatal surgery on the fading Hillary Clinton
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Carson’s potential is untapped compared to many of the other likely candidates. Gov. Chris Christie has still not cleared himself of the New Jersey “bridge gate” scandal and Sen. Rand Paul is beginning to feel the heat of his libertarian foreign policy views.

Others such as Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry are either silent for the time-being or too far right to be legitimate as this stage of the game. The same goes for Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush, but more from a too moderate viewpoint. That and the fact one of the Floridians will have to drop out for the other to succeed.

This far out from the first primary, nothing is out of the ordinary. But then there’s Dr. Ben Carson with hardly a political scratch on him. Sitting pretty in the wings as he hears the growing enthusiasm for his quiet and thoughtful approach to the nation’s many problems. He’ll have to make one mighty stumble to not be considered in the top three candidates when the race gets serious.

One can see the quiet doctor as the Republican presidential nominee with his bulldog vice-presidential running mate such as former South Carolina prosecutor and present day congressman Trey Gowdy. After the House Select Committee Hearings on Benghazi in late summer that Gowdy will chair, his name will be known by millions as the ferocious man of the truth. There are few as impressive in a court of law, much less the House floor.

The dream ticket could happen. But first things first. Dr. Carson has to commit. "It is a step closer. I have to consider what's going on, and I have to consider the enormous crowds that I encounter every place I go, and the level of enthusiasm, and what I'm hearing,'' Carson said.

He is not kidding, the crowds are there and the campaign funds necessary to battle an already entrenched Hillary Clinton are within reach.. He counteracts her “first woman as president” irrelevancy with his own blackness and his brilliant medical career as former chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center at Johns Hopkins.

When did we last have a president that was not a lawyer or career politician … or both? But the good doctor is smartly playing it very cool at the moment. Carson says. "But I also have to see what happens in November. Is our nation going to indicate that they in fact are waking up and that they are ready to move forward again?"

Will the real base be there to engage?

He continues, "Or are we going to continue this long, downward slide into a fundamental change? Depending on what they indicate, it will inform me a lot. At some point, people are going to have to step up to the plate and say, you know, we are not going to take this and stop being worried about people are going to blame us. People are going to blame us if they don't do something,'' he said.

It will come as no surprise to many campaign observers that Carson strikes terror in the minds of Hillary-backers. He is the anti-Hillary campaigner, a much deeper thinker and brings a sort of instant dignity to any room he enters, free of a sordid past or ongoing controversy.

November, 2016 is a long way off, but it is interesting to see some of the serious cream beginning to rise to the top of presidential hopefuls. The coffee grinds we have all seen begin to look awfully tired after a few rounds of the same tired answers and solutions.

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