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Democrats Shea-Porter and Kuster: Hypocrisy lives large before election

Hypocrites of New Hampshire
Hypocrites of New Hampshire
Taxpayers/Kimberly Morin

Yesterday Representative Carol Shea-Porter (D – Congressional District 1) and Representative Annie Kuster (D – Congressional District 2) decided to vote to delay the individual mandate in Obamacare. It’s the 2nd time they’ve voted on a bill delaying the mandate. Both voted against delaying the mandate the first time. Interesting they decide to vote for it now, just months before their re-election bids. Maybe now they’ll also hold real town halls with their constituents. Something neither has done since being elected.

Why are Shea-Porter and Kuster pretending to care about Granite Staters now, months before their re-election yet didn’t care back in 2013? Maybe their party bosses gave them the green light this time (they vote how they are told, not how their constituents want them to). Also interesting is that WMUR didn’t report their original votes but only reported the ones that occurred yesterday as if Shea-Porter and Kuster were suddenly so caring about New Hampshire.

Word is that both Shea-Porter and Kuster are in huge trouble in their districts. Shea-Porter voted for Obamacare and Kuster supports the behemoth mess that is hurting New Hampshire residents. They support Obamacare despite knowing the majority of Granite Staters have always been against it. This vote yesterday is too little, too late and means absolutely nothing. They are only voting to ease the pain of the individual mandate until after their elections are over. Hopefully Republicans running against them point this fact out and point out their undying support for Obamacare. Hypocrisy lives large in New Hampshire and it is sitting on the voting records of Shea-Porter and Kuster.