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Democrats seal the fate of a future income tax: Pass Obamacare in NH

Income Tax is coming to NH
Washington Times

Yesterday the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to pass Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion. This was the Senate's version of the bill that was pushed forth a few weeks ago. Once again it was only Republicans who fought against the bill and once again Democrats voted against logic and reasoning. One of the amendments was to delay the program until the federal waivers were actual in place (makes sense because otherwise who will be paying that money in the meantime?). Democrats continued with their falsehoods about the number of people who will be covered that don't have health insurance.

Democrats have continually claimed that 50.000 people (they have changed this number several times - from 58,000 to 50,000 to 42,000) who don't currently have insurance will now have health insurance. The truth is that the majority of the people who will be eligible for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion (thanks to New Hampshire taxpayers) already have their own health insurance and pay for it themselves. Another amendment was brought forward that would create a cap of people who could jump on this program. That too was nixed by Democrats. It has been previously brought up that up to 100,000 people could potentially qualify for this medical welfare program. Yet still no one has told Granite Staters how they are going to pay for this in 3 years when federal funds start to wind down.

Unfortunately legislators who passed this massive federal government infusion into the 'small government state' of New Hampshire either refuse to look to the future; are thrilled to finally have to push an income tax or just simply do not care what the future holds. Senator Shaheen and Representative Carol Shea-Porter shoved Obamacare onto New Hampshire despite their constituents protests (they still refuse to give real town halls as a result). Why are Democrats, and some Republicans, doing the very same thing at the state level? Obamacare has already harmed Granite Staters. Does Governor Hassan, who pushed the expansion as well, believe it's somehow going to turn into a wonderful program that produces rainbows and unicorns? Democrats sealed the fate of a future income tax by pushing Obamacare onto Granite Staters. So much for the 'New Hampshire Advantage'.

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