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Democrats making big mistake if they boycott Benghazi hearings

Rep. Peter King (R_NY) to House Democratys - "Go ahead, make my day."
Rep. Peter King (R_NY) to House Democratys - "Go ahead, make my day."
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The Democrats are making a serious mistake if they chose to boycott the new Benghazi House Select Committee hearings. Congressman Peter Schiff (D-CA) told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that “if Democrats vote to create the committee or participate as members it would lend it (the committee) credibility.”

That comment raised the ire of Congressman Peter King (R-NY). He later told Fox News that a boycott would make Democrats appear to be covering up something and that they did not take the investigation seriously. He said, "And mostly it's going to show that they are afraid to confront the issues when the public is watching. They would prefer to have it done in the Situation Room of the White House maybe, but not in the light of public debate."

King’s words were stinging coming from such a powerful and influential congressman. Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner announced Friday that he would schedule a vote for a select committee. The news came immediately after it was revealed that the White House has withheld documents relating to talking points given to then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

Speaker Boehner has been reluctant to hold additional congressional meetings fearing the Democrats would use it against them in midterm elections. But the recent news of an obvious White House cover-up persuaded Boehner to act now.

Rice had appeared on all five Sunday morning news shows. She immediately blamed the attacks on a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Muslim YouTube video. The CIA reports from Benghazi never blamed such a thing. So where did that story come from?

New evidence clearly shows White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes advised Rice to blame the video. Republicans accuse Democrats of fearing the truth would damage the president’s re-election chances that November.

“We have al-Qaida on the run” would have been seriously at risk and open for mocking by the opposition and the American people. This cover-up has many lawmakers in Washington ready to review “Fast and Furious," the IRS scandal and other topics that have been conveniently swept under the rug by the Obama White House and the adoring media.

If the Republicans take over as the majority party in the U.S. Senate this November, prepare for more hearings that will open old wounds kept shut these past few years.

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