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Democrats lower the bar on dirty politics to indict Gov. Perry

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On Sunday, Gov. Rick Perry responded to the charges of abuse of power brought against him by Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. Lehmberg, expressing her anger that Perry vetoed a multi-million dollar bill that would have benefited her district, said that his action was “politically motivated.” Gov. Perry retorted he would not support a bill that benefited this prosecutor, an avid Obama supporter who was arrested for a DWI last year, while she was in office abusing her position.

Even Democrats are expressing their doubts that there is any violation for which Gov. Perry could be convicted. Critics point out that other Texans, most notably Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rep. Tom DeLay, were also prosecuted by partisan Democrat prosecutors and judges. Both were convicted of ethics charges by Democrat affiliated judges, but had their convictions quickly overturned in appellate court.

Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg arrested for DWI

Despite their exonerations, the legal costs of each was devastating. Lawmakers have been talking for years about making those who bring erroneous and frivolous lawsuits against people solely responsible for all legal fees in order to stop the abuse of the legal system. Republicans say using the legal system to destroy the reputation and finances of their targets has got to be stopped.

Democrats, expressing their resentment that Republicans of the House are bringing a lawsuit against the president, say that it is always justifiable to bring Republicans to court over the “seriousness of the charge.” Republican’s reply that anyone making a false accusation should not have free reign within the legal system to assassinate people’s reputations through baseless charges.

Gov. Perry responds to indictment

Gov. Perry said, there is rule of law and then there is abuse of law. Democrats say they are hoping this will disqualify Perry from a presidential run in 2016, and pundits say they will make similar efforts against every potential Republican candidate. Republicans condemn these smear tactics, but the people complain that the GOP does little to take action against Democrats who abuse their own positions in this manner. Obama and Holder are actively suing states for attempting to uphold immigration law.