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Democrats have a perfect 3D solution for Obama’s immigration crisis

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Liberals have the biggest, most loving hearts when it comes to welcoming children into the USA, and are more than happy to give them food, homes, jobs, and register them as Democrats so long as they can force Republicans to pay for them. Obama’s plan for a solution to the illegal immigrant crisis his policies created is a perfect representation of his ideal concept for the future of America. Obama’s intention is plain to see when he says that it is not America’s children who are the hope for the country’s future, but illegal immigrant’s children.

“These children are America’s hope for the future.” – Barack Obama

  1. Allow all illegal immigrants into country
  2. Blame Republicans for creating crisis
  3. Push children onto Christian charities to make them pay
  4. Demand $3.7 billion to do paperwork rather than close the border
  5. Damn Republicans who want the border closed as not caring about children
  6. Refuse to solve the problem and blame Republicans as playing politics
  7. Allow illegal immigrants to avoid deportation court
  8. Register all illegal immigrants as Democrats
  9. Make them citizens by Executive Order and allow them to vote for Democrats

Obama said that he intends to “turn Texas blue,” but as Americans become more and more disgusted with the realization that his “mismanagement” of the government is intentional and malicious, they are turning to Republicans to stop him. In order to offset the loss of independents to Republicans, Obama must enlist foreigners to vote in American elections to keep Democrats in power and finish what he has wrought – the deconstruction of the United States of America. This is the perfect 3D solution to Obama’s problem, that being a Christian America as the greatest nation and lone superpower in the world. His Dysfunctional Dictatorial Dystopia will bring down the American people he detests and allow other countries to “take back the wealth that has been stolen from them by rich people in America.”

Nancy Pelosi said, “We’re all Americans in this hemisphere.”

Liberals mock Republicans for seeing through their lies, act affronted that their “caring for the children is being mocked,” and then sit back and laugh at the chaos they have created.

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