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Democrats force unionization on private daycare owners through egregious bill

Democrats:  You Will obey
Democrats: You Will obey
Unknown Marxist Artist

It is one of the most egregious bills that Massachusetts Democrats have brought under Governor Patrick’s reign, this one is unconscionable – a bill that forces private daycare owners to be unionized as state employees if they accept state vouchers. The bill passed the House today and will now move its way on to the Senate. It will most likely pass and private daycare owners will not only be no longer ‘private’ but they will be forced to be represented by a union; have union dues taken from them by the state; and have to abide by union rules. As usual, Democrats haven’t actually thought out the damaging affects this could have on the daycare owners, the poor who get vouchers, working families or taxpayers. To Democrats, whatever the unions want, the unions get.

Unions have been trying for several years to organize private daycare businesses to no avail. It’s simple, daycare owners do not want to be represented by a union. They own their businesses, most run out of their own homes, they simply enjoy taking care of children. In some cases, private daycare owners accept state vouchers from poor and working families. This is where the unions have conned Massachusetts Democrats into forcing unionization upon this people – by having Democrats call anyone who accepts state vouchers a state employee and therefore represented by a union. The excuse by Legislators – “An Act improving quality in early education and care by family child care providers.” Are they kidding? Have they not seen what the unions have done to public education in the United States?

This is nothing but a union grab of power that they couldn’t get on their own when turned away by daycare owners. Why on Earth would any private business owner want to be unionized? Many of these people are the only workers in the business! As usual, Democrats fail to realize the detrimental effects this bill will most likely have on the very people they are feigning to help:

  • The costs to private daycare owners will increase once they are forced to pay union dues. The unions will probably also force them to pay themselves more and their workers more.
  • Private daycare owners who accept vouchers from poor parents will stop accepting them if they don’t want to be forced into a union which will wreak havoc on poor families.
  • Daycare centers who do submit to the forced unionism will have to increase the amount they charge to working families who do not get vouchers.
  • Daycare centers who do submit to the forced unionism will also demand (via the union) that voucher payments increase which will cost the taxpayers, including those working families, more money. This is actually in the bill already.

The SEIU seems to be the biggest culprit in this forced daycare unionization scheme. Democrats have also passed a similar bill in Connecticut. The SEIU has gone so far as to claim that people who take care of their own disabled children in their homes are state employees and therefore must be unionized and pay dues (which are taken out of the Medicaid checks for the disabled child). With union membership down below 12% in the total workforce, it seems unions like the SEIU are now so desperate they will forcibly take money from anyone they can have Democrats force to give it up.

Massachusetts Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Not only is this in violation of the Constitutional protection (albeit loosely) of 'Freedom of Association' but it has been clear that daycare owners rebuked unionization. Unions have made it more obvious than ever that they are going to do whatever they can get Democrats to do in order to make up for the lost funds of decreasing union rolls. Democrats have made it clear that they are beholden, first and foremost, to the unions who elect them. To hell with constituents.


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