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Democrats falsely claim Ronald Reagan served in Congress

Democrats falsely claim Ronald Reagan served in Congress.
Democrats falsely claim Ronald Reagan served in Congress.
Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images

It seems that Democrats need a refresher course in American history. On Friday, the official Twitter account for the Democratic Party issued a tweet falsely claiming Ronald Reagan served in Congress.

"It's time to raise a minimum wage that's worth less than it was when Ronald Reagan was in Congress," Democrats tweeted.

There's only one problem. Ronald Reagan never served in Congress. He did, however, serve two terms as governor of California.

A number of people schooled the Democrats for making the false claim, Twitchy said.

"Ronald Reagan was in Congress? You cowboys have got the smarts real good," one person said.

"History. Learn it," another person tweeted.

"Big oops and I'm on your side," added "Lennie Appelquist."

Others saw it as an opportunity to decry the state of modern education.

"Sadly Americans have little historical knowledge; e.g. most believe Dems freed slaves & KKK was [Republican]," one person said.

"How about we raise it to the level when Ben Franklin was president? Or when Hillary Clinton was a five-star general?" one person sarcastically added.

Shortly after Reagan first took office as governor of California in 1967, the federal minimum wage was $1.40 an hour, according to the Department of Labor. When he left office in 1975, the federal minimum wage was $2.10 an hour.

The rate was raised several times since, and had reached $3.80 an hour for all covered, nonexempt workers in April 1990.

When Obama took office in January 2009, the federal minimum wage was at $6.55 an hour.

Democrats now want to push the minimum wage to an amount over $10.00 an hour, even though the nonpartisan CBO has said such a move could cost some 500,000 jobs.

Ironically, the Democratic Party urged supporters to be "factivists," promising to provide followers with information they can pull out "at a moment's notice."

"Ready to make the truth go viral?" the Democrats asked.



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