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Democrats don't pay taxes. They just raise ours

Democrats don’t pay taxes. They just raise ours. In recent weeks, some very high-profiles Democrats have been exposed in the media about not paying their taxes. Yet, raising taxes on the rest of us is a Democrat battle cry.

The most egregious tax evader is former Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charley Rangel. Congressman Rangel has severe charges leveled against him, which could cost him his seat in the House.

He is charged with not disclosing income from a rental property he has in the Dominican Republic. He used a rent-stabilized apartment for a campaign office. He is allowed only one rent-stabilized apartment. He had four. Rangel is scrambling to save what corrupt face he has to avoid expulsion from Congress

Massachusetts Senator ‘Gigolo’ John Kerry picked up a $7 million yacht. Doesn’t every senator have a $7,000,000 yacht? The yacht was docked in Rhode Island, not in his home state where the sales tax is $437,500 and the excise tax is $70,000 annually. Kerry finally acquiesced and said he will pay the tax.

Crooked Kwame Kilpatrick is already in the slam for probation violation was recently indicted for illegal use of funds from a nonprofit foundation and tax evasion.

Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t cheat on their taxes but they had millions invested in overseas accounts taking advantage of tax shelters. The Clintons may have needed the money to pay for their daughter’s wedding.

Democrats get brazen about the rich paying taxes. Each of these Democrats is extremely affluent and they’re doing everything possible to avoid paying taxes themselves. Vice President Joe Biden ordered Americans to pay up and be patriotic and pay more taxes. Obviously these very Democrats aren’t patriotic.

Things could be worse for Rangel, Kerry and Kilpatrick. They could be Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law.


  • TaterSalad 4 years ago

    How true this is. Democrats just love to raise taxes on everyone but when it comes to paying their own.........No Way! We have them right in the White House as we speak and "hand picked" by the President.

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