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Democrats campaigning on lies in 2014

Democrats campaigning on lies in 2014. A sad fact in today’s political landscape politics and politicians are not forthcoming. We never learned the complete background of President Obama before he was elected into office. If the public knew the real Obama, he likely wouldn’t have been elected president.

The media and politicians would resort to the practice called, ‘spin.’ They wouldn’t lie but they would report a story to their satisfaction. Obamacare is a classic example. President Obama and Democrats and repeatedly stated that the public would experience no change to their health insurance and premiums would reduce. We’ve seen those results where over six million Americans lost their health insurance and premiums increased.

The Southern Border crisis is another instance. The spin is over. Now they’re lying. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Southern Border is secure. It was a blatant lie. Nearly 50,000 illegals have entered through the Southern Border. Thankfully, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has been to the border several times, refuted Reid’s lie saying maybe from Harry Reid’s residence at the Ritz Carlton the border is secure.

NBC has abandoned all journalistic duties and are now acting as Obama’s communications outlet. They repeated a news story of Obama’s claim calling Congress the ‘The do-nothing’ Congress. Congress consists of the House and Senate. NBC refused to mention Democrats control the Senate. They have refused to vote on hundreds of bills passed by the House. It’s really a do-nothing Senate with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doing nothing, just like Obama.

Obama refuses to secure the border threatening to grant amnesty to millions of illegals and challenging House Republicans to bring up articles of impeachment. In his first term when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, Obama claimed he could not grant amnesty because Congress had to enact legislation. Constitutionally, Obama can’t grant amnesty. But when has The Constitution and the rule of law stopped Obama before?

Final Thought: News flash to Mr. Obama. The GOP doesn’t hate you. They want you to get to work.

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