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Democrats are using government meant to protect the people to persecute them

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Is government there to protect people or to persecute them? That depends on whether you belong to the Right or the Left. America was devised as a republic with checks and balances on the government to keep them from acting tyrannically. Yet those who would prefer a dictatorship would have just one man rule over all, changing laws as he wishes to force people to behave as he decides.

If you don’t have that, how do you corrupt a system so that you can persecute people legally? You convince them that they must promote new laws for their own good. Many of those laws now come from the EPA, which has become the Gestapo arm of the Democrats.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have been grazing their cattle on the same land for over a century. Yet a hundred armed federal agents showed up at his ranch to steal and kill some of his cattle, threaten his life, and charge him as a law breaker who owes the government over $1,000,000! Legal “experts” all agree, Bundy is breaking the law and has been doing so for the last 20 years, but what law has he been breaking?

Bundy is violating a law established by the EPA to protect a turtle from his grazing cattle. In order to use the land his family has used for over a century, he must now pay the federal government a fee because they acquired the land from the state and it is no longer county property. Bundy has been fighting this in court from the beginning and legal eagles have all kept the rancher beaten down.

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America’s federal government was established to protect the people, not protect the critters they might step on. For the past century, Democrats have been using their position and the power of government, not to protect people from thieves, but to steal from the people “legally.” This is what happens when ignorant people are allowed to vote and they elect gangsters to run the country.

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