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Democrats are okay with teens getting abortions but not tanning

Democrat Fools
Democrat Fools

Today HB 1351 was brought to a floor vote in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. This ‘nanny stater’ bill would make it illegal for anyone under 18 to go to a tanning salon unless they had written permission from a doctor. For some reason Democrats believe they should be making choices for parents on how to raise their children. This too was another heated debate today and once again Representative Vaillaincourt was on fire with his last line before the vote (paraphrasing): Abortion will be legal for teens but tanning will not. The bill was killed.

Democrats back in 2007 made New Hampshire the first state to repeal parental notification laws of teenagers having abortions. Somehow a teenager having an abortion is okay in their eyes but tanning, tanning is just inhumane so it must be banned! It’s unclear if these people realize their hypocrisy or even think about how insanely ridiculous they appear to the masses. They don’t want parents knowing about their daughters having a medical procedure but they refuse to allow parents to decide if their daughters can go down the street to a tanning salon.

This is the loony world of leftists in New Hampshire (and across the country). It’s only Democrats that would cheer on abortion for teens while bashing tanning. Interesting that in both cases Democrats want to take parental control out of the hands of the parents and put it in the hands of the government through laws. Somehow they believe a teenage girl is mature enough to make a decision about abortion without parental input but clearly they must be too immature to make the decision whether to tan or not with parental consent. This is not a joke. Democrats really vote this way and make fools of the citizenry and themselves on a daily basis by passing laws that say it’s okay for teens to get abortions but not okay for teens to go tanning.