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Democrats are horrible human beings

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Democrats demand people sacrifice for ObamaCare for their own good. Republicans suggest they compromise with Democrats, while the TEA Party demands both stop filching taxpayer dollars.

People are thoroughly confused as to which factions in government are the most corrupt. They see Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. They do not understand the truth about each of the factions vying for control; the liberals, moderates, and conservatives.
For eight years the liberal media said Bush lied despite the intelligence service confirmations of Iraqi WMDs and all of Congress, Democrats included, agreeing. Yet when Obama admits he lied about ObamaCare they deny and perpetuate the lie. After months of touting ObamaCare as his baby, blacks are saying it is “racist” to condemn its failures and call it by the name in which Obama expressed pride.

The Black Plague that has been unleashed on the American economy is born of racism alright; the racist hate by blacks against whites, by atheists against Christians, by communists against capitalists. This is what has brought America down to where she stands today. This great nation is being torn asunder by the greedy, covetous, slothful deceivers who believe their wealth to which they are entitled has been stolen from them.

ObamaCare is as fundamentally flawed as the man who is its namesake, whose ideology is as perverted as his character. Obama came to office on the promise of getting spending under control from moderates of the Republican Party. Why people believed that a man whose radical liberal socialist ideology was well documented is beyond logic. That they went so far as re-electing him after watching him spend four years proving he is completely incompetent and destructive in his policies, is a mystery. Deception and denial are the foundations of the Left's core values, as being the fool is apparently the character of most Americans.

Atheists tell Christians that Jesus was a radical socialist like them. They say Obama is a Christian despite being raised a Moslem and attending a church whose theology recognizes the Jesus of the Koran and not the Christ of the Bible. Democrats say they are tolerant, welcoming, and loving as they spew hatred on the Right.

After Sandra Fluke tells Congress she needs a government subsidy of $3000 a year to afford birth control because of all the men she's having sex with and Rush Limbaugh calls her a slut, they demand his head on a like. When MSNBCs Martin Bashir says someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth for repeating the words of the Founders over debt slavery, they laugh and cheer. And Jesus shouted at them, “You hypocrites!”

Matthews and his ilk preach Obama as the perfect human being, the messiah. Despite his weekly deceptions and anti-Christian agenda, his endorsing stealing from those who work hardest to achieve, they see Obama as good and righteous. Which man do you want to be in charge of your life; Jesus or Obama?

There is nothing Democrats offer, nothing in their ideology or on their agenda that is good or righteous for Christian America any more than the anti-Christian socialist ideologies of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, or Muhammad. America is in a life and death struggle to sustain liberty or succumb to corruption. Moderates in the Republican Party offer only compromise with the Left. In the immortal words of Rush Limbaugh;

“When Good compromises with Evil, Evil wins.”

Obama has nothing to offer the American people except dope and blame. They fail to see how Obama pushed the sequester cuts into essential services rather than pork subsidies for his friends and blamed Republicans. How he spent three years and a billion dollars on the simple ObamaCare website to crash and burn and blame Republicans.

How he put barricades and armed guards around open air memorials during the shutdown and blamed Republicans. When the Greatest Generation stormed those barrycades to visit their memorial, the newest generation of Nazis and communists called for them to be shot. They blamed Republicans for aiding them, accusing them of doing so under false pretenses. And Moderates accepted that blame rather than fight the liars.

Moderates would rather permit liberal Democrats to win elections to get a share in the spoils of excessive taxes than side with justice for taxpayers. We saw this in the Virginia governor's race where they let the TEA Party candidate lose, in Port St. Lucie, Fla. where they let fraud go unchallenged so the Tea Party candidate would lose, and in the GOP convention where they sought to nullify conservatives allowing Obama a second term. Moderates would betray the righteous to appease the wicked, and aid liberals in crushing TEA Party conservatives who demand government spending be under the control of the people.

Rush Limbaugh's hope that Obama failed to divide and dismantle America was in vain. America needs a larger group of staunch, unwavering, unapologetic, and undistractable conservatives of the TEA Party to lead this nation back to prosperity and opportunity for all to live the American Dream. We need men and women who will not be misled or corrupted by the Republican and Democrat Parties and become part of the problem.

A free people need leaders who would make the government bow to the will of those who responsibly give them authority. They have been settling for panderers who seek to become tyrants that would steal for them, allowing those to vote who do not contribute but demand benefits. America needs to go back to its roots in the Constitution to regain the Land of the Free and reject those who would embrace corruption and become the land of the freeloader.

The depths of liberal depravity are not just measured in the insanity of believing they can make socialism work rather than fail, or that spending the money you make rather than making money to spend is the way to create wealth, but in other methods that shred reality. Such as Congressman Grayson who says Republican's desire for healthcare is for people to die quickly, projecting Democrats desire to limit the healthcare of seniors who live too long on Social Security. And Kanye West who equates the hazards of dancing on stage with those of the military like armed forces going in battle, police combatting criminals, or firemen entering a burning building.

Liberal's psyche is the ignorant, immoral psyche of the arrogant teenager who believes he knows everything about everything. Their self-love knows no consideration of others beyond what will benefit their sense of self-importance. This is why they cannot understand that wealth can be created through honest trade and not just dishonorable theft. There is no honor to be found in the ideology if the Left, and only half of them who begin life with this dysfunctional thinking will learn and mature during their lifetimes to understand that Christian conservatism is the path of righteousness.

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