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Democrats announce 2014 election theme

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Leading U.S. Senate Democrats today held a press conference where they unveiled their theme for the 2014 election. The Senators present included Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, Chuck Schumer of New York, Patty Murray of Washington, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan and others. The Democrats' theme, "A Fair Shot for Everyone," was accompanied by a list of agenda items designed to address the concerns of middle-class Americans, such as protecting Medicare, making college more affordable and paycheck fairness.

Since the Democrats control the majority in the U.S. Senate, they can also play some election-year politics and schedule hearings on these agenda items, putting Republicans in the position of voting "No" on popular items such as repairing America's roads and bridges and closing tax loopholes that encourage U.S. companies to ship jobs overseas.

Democratic Senators at the event pointed out that Republicans lack a positive agenda, and instead seem to define themselves by what they oppose. Likewise, Majority Leader Reid tweeted today: "Have you ever seen Republicans try to do anything constructive about helping people get health care? They just oppose everything."

It's possible that Republicans know they might be vulnerable to this line of attack by the Democrats. According to CNN's "Political Ticker" blog today,

Still, some Republicans recognize being against Obamacare may not be enough and they, too, must also offer a 'positive agenda' for voters.

No word yet from the Republicans, however, on just what that positive agenda might be.

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