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Democratic Congresswoman urges 9/11 ‘truthers’ to ‘push for answers’

Loretta Sanchez
Loretta Sanchez
CBS screen grab

How can you tell the difference between a real scandal and a “phony” scandal? Real scandals center on allegations, however ridiculous, made by Democrats. The rest are as phony as an Obama promise about health insurance.

The Washington Free Beacon (h/t Weasel Zippers) features a video of an appearance by California Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.” When a conspiracy theorist calls in to grouse about the lack of attention accorded to 9/11 truthers, Sanchez assures him thus:

I think it is a good thing for people to push and suggest there might be other answers. Honestly, the best information we get comes from constituents who tell us, have you seen this, that document. We have found out a lot of things that way.

That’s good to know. Rosie O’Donnell doubtless has lingering questions about George W. Bush’s whereabouts in the weeks and days before the collapse of the twin towers.

The blog Fire Andrea Mitchell reports that there was 17 times more coverage of Bridgegate in the media than of the still-unresolved IRS scandal. Yet, liberals are still mired firmly in the past, still trying to unmask the “truth” about the WTC disaster.

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