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Democratic congressional 'candidate' wants sex photos, stories of teenage hunter

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According to a Thursday story in the Washington Times, an alleged Democratic candidate for the Virginia congressional seat held by Eric Cantor named Mike Dickenson is soliciting his social media followers for nude photographs of a 19 year old Texas Tech cheerleader named Kendell Jones for $100,000. He also speculated on twitter that Ms. Jones might like to be spanked. He also requested that any ex-boyfriends of Jones relate any interesting sex stories that they might have. Despite his claims, there is some evidence that Dickenson is not an actual candidate according to Virginia law.

Why would Dickenson ask for such prurient information, besides perhaps being a perv? Jones has caused a firestorm on social media by posting pictures of herself with a number of large animals she has shot to death while on a big game safari in Africa. Facebook removed some of the pictures but, for a time, let stand a “Kill Kendell Jones” page before being compelled to remove that as well under public pressure.

ABC News notes that Jones has hunted big game since the age of 13. Limited hunting is permitted in certain African game preserves as a way to finance conservation efforts. She has taken down in her time a white rhino, a buffalo, an elephant, a lion, a leopard, and a hippo.

The hate directed at Jones by whom are presumed to be animal lovers has been quite intense. One woman expressed the wish that Jones be eaten by a lion. Jones has attempted to convey a softer image by posting pictures of herself with a baby dear and one of the many dogs she has rescued.

In decades past, trophy hunting of big game was hardly controversial. President Teddy Roosevelt, for example, was an avid hunter. But now it seems that killing animals has become controversial, though not at least advocating killing hunters.



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