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Democratic candidate Virg Bernero seeks the support of Michigan residents on August 3, 2010

Virg Bernero (D) is running for governor in the State of Michigan.
Virg Bernero (D) is running for governor in the State of Michigan.
Randy Jenkins

Virg Bernero is seeking the Democratic Nomination for governor in the upcoming August 3, 2010 primary election and needs the support of Michigan residents.

Since announcing his quest for the Democratic Nomination for governor back on February 8, 2010, Virg Bernero has launched and directed a "grass-root" campaign that has consistently showed his passion, poise, and purpose for the Office of Governor, his plans to reinvent Michigan, and his plans to "make Michigan work again".

Virg Bernero's resume is that of experience, knowledge, know-how, and is well-suited to lead Michigan.  He was recently re-elected as the Mayor of Lansing and has been in this position since 2005, was a state senator for the 23rd district from 2003-2005, was a state representative for the 68th district from 2001-2002 (he left before his 4 year term ended to become Lansing's Mayor), and a former Ingham County Commissioner.  He has worked with Republicans and has a proven record with a feasible agenda to lead Michigan's economic recovery.

Virg Bernero has balanced budgets without tax increases and no layoffs.  He has orchestrated $500 million in investments. He has done all of this for the City of Lansing, and has the vision, passion, and agenda to "make Michigan work again".

Virg Bernero has feasible goals and an agenda that is ideal for Michigan's recovery.  He has proven record.

Virg Bernero is pro-business. 

Virg Bernero is the right candidate to become Michigan's next governor.

To look at his agenda, footage from the gubernatorial debate, his views on the issues (the economy and jobs, education, energy, the environment, equality, health care, and public safety), his vast endorsements, and other valuable information.  Please visit .

On the above mentioned website, you can also get involved in the campaign of Virg Bernero and there's also an opportunity to make a monetary donation.

Additional information about Virg Bernero pertaining to why he's running, how he plans to solve Michigan's biggest problems, and other issues that matter to Michigan voters, please visit .

On August 3, 2010, remember Virg Bernero for the position of Governor for Michigan!!!


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I was just wondering what Virg's opinion was on abortion? I've researched and researched and I can not find a straight answer.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    He says its the girls choice.

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