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Democrat states crying over flood of illegal immigrant children spilling on them

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Liberals in California and Massachusetts who promote illegal immigrants being given citizen’s rights have been cheering the flood of Central American children into Texas. Now they are being bussed and flown to their states they are whining about having to spend their money to take care of them. They are demanding, and Obama is asking Congress, to give them billions of dollars to take care of the children. Where are all the Hollywood fat cats and New England upper crust with their big bucks?

Obama and the Democrats caused this flood by issuing an executive order to grant citizen’s rights to children of illegal immigrants. Now these children are being shipped, unaccompanied, to America where they are being absorbed rather than deported back to their parents. This is all part of Obama’s voter drive effort to turn so-called red states blue by flooding hundreds of thousands of young, ignorant foreigners into the country, granting them benefits, and making them a part of the Democrat tax parasite community.

Tax payers are losing to tax parasites

Republican lawmakers are objecting vociferously to Obama’s dictates and edicts permitting these children into the country then taking tax money from Republican states to give to Democrat voting states to finance them. Citizens who have been stridently protesting high government taxes, plus Democrat’s doling out taxpayer dollars in benefits to those who do not pay taxes, are increasing in number daily as Obama’s drive for more ignorant youths to vote in upcoming elections gains ground. Along with Democrat calls for lowering the voting age to sixteen that would bring in hundreds of thousands of American kids who know nothing of how Democrats are sabotaging their future, Obama announced that it is the children of illegal immigrants who are the future hope of America – meaning the Democrat Party.


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