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Democrat says 'crazy state of Texas' filed first petition to secede over Obama

Jim Hightower
Jim Hightower
Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0

Thursday, December 6, Democrat and far left liberal advocate, Jim Hightower, racked up a double gaffe over the Texas White House citizen petition to secede. In an article headlined, "The Secessionist Tempest in Texas," Hightower incorrectly claimed Texas was the first state to file a citizen petition to secede.

Then, Hightower piled on his errors by adding, "Expressing exasperation with Obama's policies, Micah demanded that we Texans be allowed to decamp from the Union and become our own, separate nation."

Though it is true, as Hightower stated, that Texans have the highest numbers of signatures of any of the 50 state petitions filed by Texans on the "We the People" White House site, some of Hightower's article is factually inaccurate. In particular, Hightower needs to correct portions of his article to reflect the following:

  • It was Texas' neighboring state, Louisiana, that had the very first citizen's petition filed on their behalf, instead of Texas.
  • Referencing the text from the Texas petition, there are no comments, as Hightower asserted, within the petition which state that the petition was written in protest of President Obama's policies. The only mention of Obama is in directing the petition to the attention of the "Obama administration."

Some older Dallas residents may remember Hightower, who was once a powerful player in Texas and national politics with a name as easily recognized as Dallas' own most colorful liberal, John Wiley Price. Over twenty years ago, Hightower lost his bid for reelection as Texas Agricultural Commissioner under a cloud of a corruption scandal involving three of his closest aides who were indicted and convicted of bribery. Since then, he has mostly kept a low-profile.

As an author, politician, and commentator, Hightower has delivered a steady stream of quotes to ponder. Summing up his politically leanings, Hightower, who admits he is as far left as any politician could be, once titled a book, "There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road But Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos."

Perhaps that is why Hightower insisted Texas took first place in the secession petitions, no middle roads nor second places for him. Still, it's difficult to understand why Hightower would claim the author of the Texas petition expressly mentioned Obama's policies, when there is no mention, none.

One Billy Bob Anonymous, may have helped make Hightower's basic point that secession fever is all about Obama when he drawled, "If all the liberals who want to change our country into Europe were ants, I'd grind 'em under the heel of my boot. They aren't, and I can't; so secession is one of the options open to stop the wimpy p---ants and their president from ever messing with Texas again." Who knows, it might be that kind of talk that makes some folks ready to "Boot those racist, anti-American Texans out of Obama's U.S."

However wrong Hightower may be, Hightower may have got it just right when he quipped, "Texas isn’t going anywhere." Currently, Texas petition signatures number 119,000 and the a total 932,367 signatures for all of the states. The deadline for a White House response, if any, is December 9.


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