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Democrat official busted with pot and five welfare EBT cards

Democrats have long favored spending more tax dollars on welfare programs, but few suspected they would directly benefit themselves from such programs. Luvina Smith, a Democrat and Deputy Clerk in the town of Alorton, near St. Louis, Missouri, was arrested and found in possession of a quarter pound of marijuana and five welfare EBT cards.

Democrat official Luvina Smith arrested with pot and five EBT cards reported on the EBT cards, “Brooklyn Chief Tony Tomlinson, and other sources, tell News 4 that EBT cards are sometimes traded for as little as half their value as a down payment on illegal drugs.”

The benefits on the cards are often traded for drugs or cash and someone other than the proper recipient of those benefits ultimately uses the card to cash them in.

“In a lot of cases that we’ve seen the person who receives the benefits will relinquish their card and that pin number, and that gives the dealer the opportunity to call and make sure there’s money on it and they’ll just hang on to the card until the benefit comes through and then receive whatever the dealer may be dealing,” said Chief Tomlinson.

The town of Brooklyn, where Smith was arrested, is near St. Louis, Missouri. Chief Tomlinson suggested putting EBT card recipient's pictures on the cards to reduce the fraudulent use of such cards. If the user's photo was on the card, and cashiers were required to ask for photo ID from EBT card users, that would reduce a lot of EBT card fraud.

While many on the far left deny the degree to which fraud exists in the abuse of welfare benefits, The Maine Wire, a free market-oriented online publication in Maine, exposed massive fraud in the welfare programs in Maine after it successfully obtained data from the state's welfare programs. There is no doubt reform is needed, and after these revelations of fraud and abuse, Maine's Republican Governor Paul LePage is pushing for swift welfare reform.

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