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Democrat Keith Ellison: Dems should come out against the Second Amendment

Do voters need any more reason than this to never vote for another Democrat again? If the Democrats are going to “come out against the Second Amendment” as liberal Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) suggests, how can they also take an oath to uphold the Constitution if they are going to come out against it?

Ellison says Dems should come out against the Second Amendment
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The extremely liberal Ellison appeared on the program of the faar leftist Bill Maher, who asked him, “Then why doesn't your party come out against the Second Amendment? Its the problem.” Ellison said, “I sure wish they would. I sure wish they would.”

Far left liberals and Democrats like Maher and Ellison see the Second Amendment, and lawa-biding gun owners, as the problem, rather than criminals who actually commit the crimes with guns or other weapons. This alone demonstrates how far out of phase the far left is on gun rights and related issues.

The solution for informed voters is to be very well aware that this really is the view of the far left and the Democrat Party, and if they value not just the rights protected by the Second Amendment, but all of our rights that are protected by the Bill of Rights, they would never vote for liberal Democrats who seek to eliminate or violate just about all the rights protected by the Bill of Rights.

We should vote against liberal Democrats, and seek out and vote for candidates who support Bill of Rights enforcement, and in general, smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

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