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Democrat hypocrisy on full display

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If Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats. This hypocrisy of Democrats has been an ongoing theme of this column. In recent weeks, Democrats have put their hypocrisy on full display. President Obama signed an Executive Order requiring government contractors pay women as they do men. However, news reports were released that the Obama administration pays female staffers at the White House less than men are compensated. The same pay disparity was also reported with the female staffers working for Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. But if Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats.

A recent Supreme Court ruling struck down limits of political contributions during a given election cycle. Liberals were incensed at the ruling. However, the same Democrats applauded the ruling of lone Federal Judge Bernard Friedman who one person overturned the Michigan ballot proposal in 2004 on the definition of marriage. That proposal received 60% of the vote. Yet, a lone judge defied the will of the people.
If Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats.

The encounter between Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and Federal agents has the ideal makings of a Hollywood production. A lone rancher is intimated and harassed by the overreaching Federal Government. Though, Hollywood would never consider this ordeal a worthy story because there’s a Democrat in the White House. If Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats.

Eric Holder has become indignant and arrogant. When testifying before a congressional committee, he chided Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert who questioned Holder for his inability to get anything done. Holder feels he is above reproach. He has yet to discover the perpetrators of Fast and Furious, arrest the terrorists responsible at Benghazi and thoroughly investigate the IRS Scandal. According to Holder, questioning him is being racist. Using his rationale, then he is forbidden to criticize any White Republican. Otherwise he is a racist. Don’t expect that to happen because if Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats.

Harry Reid has been viciously attacking the Koch brothers and Koch Industries lately. Charles and David Koch are private citizens who are very philanthropic and politically involved. New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer received a contribution for his 2010 campaign from a Koch political action committee. Meanwhile, San Francisco investor, Tom Steyer is positioning to donate $100 million to Democrats. Proving once again, if Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats.

Democrats are the first to tell the country to do as I say, not as I do, because if Democrats weren’t hypocrites, they couldn’t be Democrats.

Final Thought: Claire Shipman, ABC correspondent and wife of Press Secretary Jay Carney, appearing on The Kelly File remarked, ‘Women need to get better at failure.’ She’s obviously never heard of Jennifer Granholm and Hillary Clinton.



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