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Democrat gangsters committing eco-terrorism in Nevada

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Federal troops, the men and women who volunteered to protect and serve American citizens, who sacrifice their safety for the rights of citizens, and who love America so much they are willing to risk their lives to defend liberty, were used by Democrats as thug oppressors in Nevada against a lone rancher. The “crime” that rancher Cliven Bundy is charged with is refusing to pay a federal penalty for allowing his cattle to graze on land occupied by a turtle that the EPA has put on the endangered species list. Soldiers were instructed to aim their weapons at American citizens, at human beings, and to shoot to kill to protect a turtle.

Legal experts all say Bundy is violating the law. People should understand that just because it is legal doesn’t make it right. It used to be legal to own slaves and put people into debt servitude. Just because the federal government makes a new law does not mean they do so for righteous reasons, and for the last century Democrats have been acting as gangsters shaking down the citizens rather than as Republicans protecting their rights. Democrats making laws to protect turtle’s rights over people’s rights, demanding to be paid off to permit a business to operate, or allow certain behaviors is not the act of a Constitutional government, but the act of organized crime bosses.

The party of Lincoln has worked for generations to give people liberty, protect their rights, and enable them to prosper. In the last century they have suffered the corrupt to infiltrate them and behave like Democrats because they believe that pandering like Democrats will win elections. Allowing citizens to vote who only serve their self-interests rather than for the good of everyone in the country has brought about the decline of America in the name of equality.

The party of Wilson has made stealing from the rich legal in order to buy votes from the greedy poor who envy them. Making stealing legal still does not make it right. This is why Republics succeed and become prosperous, and why Democracies fail and fall into socialist dictatorships.

Democrat troll, tyrant, gangster, and domestic terrorist Sen. Harry Reid

Why are our LAWMAKERS NOT BOUND by our LAWS?