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Democrat exploitation perpetuates the plantation

The Left has taken to talking about "covert racism" as opposed to the "overt racism" of the pre/post WWII era.
What they fail to acknowledge is the Left never lowered the umbrella of racism- or the "Plantation" if you will. Many on the plantation simply became "fatter slaves".

In Antebellum south, one way to coerce more loyalty and work from the master’s slaves was to give the entire group of slaves one large pig to share between themselves. The rest of the time they got whatever scraps the master couldn't put into the sausage. This, by the way gave the slaves some traditional dishes such as "ox tail" and "chicken feet" both used to flavor rice or provide protein to a vegetable. For 200 people to get one large hog of 300-400 pounds seemed like "a taste of the good life" but it was just a taste mind you: all with the goal of keeping order on the plantation.

This writer as a small child grew up sitting on the couch with his father watching racist use fire hoses and police dogs on peaceful protesters. “Daddy, what are they doing?” “Boy, (Dad always called me “Boy” even to his death when I was 51) "those colored people are tired of being mistreated, and those other people don’t want them to change things.” “Dad, are they wrong?” “Son, just because a person is colored doesn’t mean he isn’t American- he needs to be treated like everyone else.” These were wise and compassionate words from this writers blue collar owner-operator, truck driving father. A lesson internalized to be sure.

The racist in America have been nefarious since the dawn of the nation. From slave markets to whips, chains, and the hangman’s noose: to sheets and white hoods, to fire hoses and german shepherds: all violent methods of“overt racism”. Indeed I can remember my father watching the news and shaking his head at the violence, and later I realized it was more: it was the injustice that was just as important. On his own, (via books and the library, there was no internet at the time) this writer learned about the message and the commitment to peaceful change by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: and his heart was broken when he learned the details of his tragic murder. This was the last gasp of covert racism in America.

"Just Get a Hog"

The racist drew from their history and shifted strategies. “Just get a hog” and give it as a measure of “love and good will” to the slaves to keep them working and to prevent them from fleeing the plantation.Indeed, these Masters were consider "nice" by their slaves. Enter the age of “covert racism”. In modern society the welfare system was created to keep black Americans enslaved, as admitted by Lyndon Baines Johnson, its creator. This writer has quoted LBJ’s despicable quote in this column, (which can be seen here) only to have it removed by the Editor. If a proclamation is so despicable that it can’t be quoted as an accurate recounting of history; how can its’ evil intention be defended so vehemently by its’ victims? The answer is simple: After all the hoods and nooses, after all the chains and whips, after selling a person’s family away as punishment, and after fire hoses and police dogs; the racist simply gave the negroes (polite term for what they actually were called): a hog " And the plantation has returned back to order."

Covert Racism of the Left

This "covert racism" and the very thing the Left is complaining about today. Once again they are projecting their own faults onto those who oppose said proclivity. Today the discussion is changing because Democrats are giving away smaller hogs. Indeed those who formerly have been identified as “black enough” are waking up to the missed opportunities to enjoy not just the dignity of their humanity, but the self-respect that comes from self-sufficiency and creating ones’ own success. The Left now proclaims that black Americans are too ignorant to vote without their direction, and too stupid to bring their Identification to the polls with them. The latter being one of the most racist positions the Left has taken since they showed up to intimidate minority children who wanted an adequate education.

House slave treatment

Oh, the Left now speaks to the slaves. They even treat the field slaves like house slaves- assuring them that they are loved, (sans Mammy in Gone with the Wind if you need a visual). Loved or not, they’re still slaves. yet these House Slaves continued to perpetuate the exploitation. One must agree with Mammy when she says "It just ain't fitten"

The gate is open, the over-seer has put away his whip: and stands in the gateway with a 200 pound hog and a big friendly smile on his face. “Here’s another (howbeit smaller) hog if y’all will stay."

I’d recommend trading the pig for freedom and a taste of beef.