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Democrat candidate Mary Burke won't be with Obama publicly in Wisconsin

Five-thousand people are expected at the Summerfest grounds for the ticketed event. On Saturday the Milwaukee Labor Council handed out tickets to union members and their family.

“Well of course when you get a visit from the President, that boosts enthusiasm,” Sheila Cochran said, with the Milwaukee Labor Council.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke will meet privately with Obama on Monday. Campaign spokesperson Joe Zepecki said in a statement, “Because the President’s Monday visit to Milwaukee is for an official White House event and not a campaign event, her participation in the public portion of events would not be appropriate.”

Republicans quickly questioned the move.

“It’s clear Mary Burke is attempting to distance herself from an unpopular president who’s lost the public’s trust on everything from the economy to foreign affairs,” Governor Scott Walker’s campaign press secretary Alleigh Marre said in a statement.

The back-and-forth quickly prompted the Democratic National Committee to say in a statement, “”The President has accepted the Burke campaign’s invitation to return to Wisconsin in support of her candidacy. We’re looking for a time and place in advance of Election Day and I know the President is already looking forward to it.”

The latest Marquette University Law School poll puts Obama’s disapproval rating at 48% in Wisconsin.

“Attachment to the President is maybe at this point not the most valuable thing with those persuadable voters,” Marquette Pollster Charles Franklin said, adding the visit is important politically to try and rally the union base and small amount of undecided voters.

“The troops on the ground, the people willing to spend their Saturdays making phone calls and knocking on doors is a big element that labor unions, labor movements have traditionally supplied in election campaigns,” Franklin said.

While Burke won’t greet the President publicly this time, Walker will.

“We always appreciate the President, no matter which party it is,” he said.

The governor will greet Obama when he arrives in Milwaukee.

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