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Democrat and Republican on the same page on R & D

Senator Mikulski D-Md wins the theme contest on R & D with and excellent argument. In a Politico story today, “House GOP debuts $51.2B appropriations bill,” David Rogers gives rather bland treatment to the subject that indicates that both Republicans and Democrats must stay under the same budget level and that there is little discretion about how the two parties will allocated the dollars. The President has his priorities and the rest have theirs. “Labor, health and education programs” are the president’s priorities. Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) takes aim at them.

Senator Barbara Mikulski argues for more R & D investment
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“House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said. “In addition to these important public safety efforts, this bill also helps to increase our economic security by funding programs that help bolster innovation and the competitiveness of our nation in the global marketplace.””

On that note, it sounds like Senator Barbara Mikulski agrees.

“Mikulski asked: “Are we running an innovation deficit? Yes we have to focus on our budget deficit but are we becoming so austere we could be capping our future growth.”

“Discovery is part of our nation’s DNA, It’s what makes America great,” she said. “But to have innovation, we need to fund research and development…We want our sciences to win the Nobel Prizes and we want our businesses to win the markets.”

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A leading House Republican and leading Senate Democrat are on the same page. On that note, if she can nudge the President to support her priority, that could be a win-win.

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