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Democrat AG plays race card to halt bribery probe on ‘mental’ anti-gun rep

In spite of recordings of Pennsylvania lawmakers accepting cash and gifts in a bribery sting, including an assemblyman who has called for mandatory mental health checks for gun owners and family members residing with them, Democrat and Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane shut down the investigation, citing unfounded allegations of racial targeting, reported Monday.

Why did Bloomberg beneficiary Kane kill a corruption investigation of an anti-gun pol recorded accepting money by a wired informant?
Independence USA PAC TV commercial screenshot

Among those documented taking money from a lobbyist wired to record conversations “to win favorable treatment after his arrest in a $430,000 fraud case” was “State Rep. Ronald G. Waters [who] accepted multiple payments totaling $7,650,” the report reveals.

Waters was the subject of a Gun Rights Examiner column earlier this month after he’d proposed “sensible gun laws” to include prior restraints/the end of private sales, continued proof of mental health, and bans on semi-automatic firearms and magazines which he demonized as “killing machines in the hands of irresponsible civilians.”

“As a public servant, it is my duty to be inclusive and to address any issue from a position that encompasses the interests of many, so it is clear to me that the ‘people’ at the heart of this gun debate must include the victim and the criminal; the individual and the public,” Waters proclaimed, bizarrely ceding full "stakeholder" status to those doing the victimizing.

“Waters, for his part, said he did not recall receiving any money ... but later added: ‘I'm trying to remember if he gave me something for my birthday," the report continued.

In April 2011, to mark Waters' 61st birthday, Ali gave him $1,000, and the transaction was recorded on tape, according to people who read a transcript of the conversation.

As Ali handed Waters an envelope, the sources said, Ali told him: "Hey, there's $1,000 in there, bro."

According to the sources, Waters replied: "My man, happy birthday to Ron Waters."

That “the lead agent on the ... case is African American,” as is Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who denounced Kane’s reasons as “ridiculous,” and that the lobbyist “approached a wide range of officials, from both parties, black and white,” have been ignored in what is clearly a political decision subverting accountability to the public and the law on the part of AG Kane, ostensibly the highest law enforcement official in the state. Using her "rationale," no investigations or prosecutions may be conducted if it turns out the only ones engaging in incriminating behavior turn out to be black.

So it is perhaps natural that Kane, like Waters, is a proponent of further disarmament edicts against citizens who aren’t criminals, earning her Super Pac support from Michael Bloomberg (see embedded video, above). With all the criminal mayors on Team Bloomberg, it’s hardly surprising to find "professional courtesy" extends to other offices, as long as they toe the “gun control” line.

As this correspondent observed about Waters, perhaps he and Kane at least have a partial point. Perhaps anyone irrational enough to trust either of them with political power is too dangerous to be trusted with a gun.


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