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Demise of popular Disneyland submarine attraction rumored

Rumors indicate that the classic attraction will not be returning from its scheduled closure.
Scott J Dennis

A few years after its Pixar-inspired rebirth, Disneyland's historic Submarine Voyage will cease to exist if rumors of its imminent demise pan out as projected. Per website MiceAge, the underwater excursion's recently enacted downtime is in fact a cover for the ride's permanent closure.

In the guise of seafaring submarines, the attraction's original rail-guided ride vehicles began operating in 1959 following an inaugural ceremony attended by vice president Richard Nixon. The eight faux subs sported windows for every guest inside to view the underwater wonders of the mysterious lagoon. A navy gray color scheme replicated the look of contemporary military attack subs and characterized the dignified nature of the attraction. Its emphasis on exploration and marine science was buoyed by fanciful Disney injections including mermaids and an encounter with the giant squid of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fame. This iteration of the Submarine Voyage lasted until 1998, when fiscal decisions put an end to the show.

Fans sorely missed the unique classic, reminded constantly of its absence by the waters and still-visible track of the Tomorrowland lagoon. The 2005 announcement of the attraction's return, as part of the park's 50th anniversary, was met with a great deal of fan excitement and rejoicing, tempered somewhat by the news that the ride would be revised to feature the world of Pixar's Finding Nemo.

Since reopening in 2007 the submarines have remained rather popular with guests, but ongoing operating costs and maintenance difficulties appear to have finally done in the old favorite. The space may, per some sources, be filled in to support a new Star Wars thrill ride sometime down the line.

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