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Demi Moore, Tallulah ultimatum: Celeb parents see Tallulah's woes differently

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter Tallulah is in rehab, but only after she was given the ultimatum by her two famous parents. Apparently if she didn’t get the help her parents thought that she needed they were ready to take everything away from her. A Twitter post by Tallulah raised a red flag and the intervention rolled out from there.

Tallulah Wills heeds famous parents’ ultimatum and goes to rehab in lieu of losing everything!
Photo by Ben Horton

Tallulah is the youngest child of Moore and Willis and according to The New York Daily News on Aug. 17, she is suffering from “body dysmorphia.” This is a mental illness and a recent tweet raised some dire concerns for those who know her. Her tweet said “bai, bai,” which means “good by” or “bye, bye” in Japan. Just what did she mean by that? Apparently the people who love her didn't wait to find out and jumped on this right away.

The tweet is long gone from her page, it was taken down right after that her parents intervened. Demi and Bruce went work to get her in for treatment. A family insider said that she’s been unhappy lately and at one point dropped down to 95-pounds. While her parents are both overwhelmingly supportive, reports have them taking the situation to heart in different ways.

Her Dad immediately saw this as serious and he wanted her to get help immediately. He is worried about the mental illness she had been struggling with for some time. Demi on the other hand, also wanted her to get help, but she thinks that her daughter is just very young and going through the process of finding herself, reports People Magazine.

Tallulah’s friends from school recall how embarrassed she was when Demi Moore was going through that very troubled period in her life and was hospitalized. They said she didn’t show up at school for days at a time because she was so embarrassed. This was just one piece of the foundation that has built up over the years for the youngest of the three Willis sisters.

Her friends say that she was very open about having problems, once even saying, “Of course I have issues too, look at my mom.” What Tallulah took to heart growing up were any negative tidbits that the media had printed about her. She also took on worries over the way she appeared to others. "The constant and self-centered worry over her looks mirrors her mother," reports the source to People.

She said that instead of believing the people who loved her telling her that she was a beautiful young woman, she listened to what strangers were saying. It has to be hard for the 20-year-old to get away from the constant pressure that Hollywood puts on young girls to look stick-figure good today.

She watched her mother's life being dictated by the need to look young and beautiful, so seemingly she was in double jeopardy of falling victim to the body image disorder. Bruce and Demi are said to be extremely supportive by visiting their daughter while she is in treatment.

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