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Demi Moore shuns Bruce Willis: Two ex-husbands with babies coming too much?

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis at the same event, but the tension you could cut with a knife.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Demi Moore appears to be getting in a lot of practice at giving the cold shoulder to the ex in the room and it doesn't seem to matter which ex-husband. Recently she attended her daughter Rumer’s performance at the DBA in West Hollywood and Rumer’s dad, Bruce Willis, was also there.

According to SoftPedia News on April 9, Demi and Bruce went out of their way to ignore each other. What is up with that? The rumor mills have Demi upset over Ashton Kutcher’s engagement and his baby on the way with Mila Kunis. You might expect this if it were Ashton at the same event, but not Willis.

Pictures of Demi and Willis in the past show them getting along famously. When Ashton was still Demi’s main man the two would join Willis for dinner and spend a day out boating with the “Die Hard” star. Us Weekly reports today that Bruce was equally stand offish to Demi as she appeared to be with him.

Bruce was at Rumer’s performance with his very pregnant wife Emma Heming-Willis. Demi came with one male and two female friends to support her daughter. While the two could not avoid each other when they stayed after the performance to congratulate their daughter, barely a word was exchanged between Rumer’s parents.

Ordinarily, you’d expect Demi to sit with Bruce and his wife at their table, but that didn’t happen, Demi and her friends got a table of their own. Both were there to watch the musical mash-up “For the Record Tarantino,” in which Rumer played multiple roles.

While Demi is supposedly nursing her wounds over Ashton’s announcement that he’s about to become a father, she has been dating rocker Sean Friday for the last nine months. It’s not looking like a coupling with an overabundance of hot and heavy going on, but they seem to be doing OK with their relationship, suggests SoftPedia.

Could it be that Demi is feeling like the odd man out as both of her ex’s have women with a baby on the way? She has always been so youth oriented and this could be one way she is feeling every bit her age of 50? Both Bruce and Ashton can start new families, but Demi is past the age for baby making. Is this something she's resenting a bit these days?

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