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Demi Moore becomes third wheel in Ashton and Mila's baby news in media

Demi Moore not overly thrilled with baby news from Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Demi Moore is struggling with the news released today that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting a baby. Now that she is reminded of this on a constant basis due to the paparazzi following her for comments and pictures of her “looking sad,” she is fleeing the country to get away from it all, reports Showbizspy on March 26.

How Demi is handling the baby news seems to take precedence over the baby news for Ashton and Mila. Demi still carries a torch for Ashton and news of the baby has thrown her into a “bad place.” Demi found out about Ashton and Mila expecting a baby through the media, which infuriated her even more. She feels that Ashton could have told her first so she could be out of town when the media ran with the story.

Even though Ashton and Demi have been a part for a long time and their divorce was finalized in November, she unfortunately comes along as a package deal for Mila. No matter what this couple does, Demi’s name is thrown in the mix.

Demi is jealous of Mila on so many levels. She has been youth obsessed for many years and that is something that Mila has on her, she is younger. Ashton didn’t settle down with Demi and become a family man, but instead he’s changed his ways for Mila.

An insider tells Showbizspy that Demi is going somewhere warm, where she can put on a bikini on a tropical beach and get those pictures splashed all over the media. It makes one wonder if she will use this opportunity to post more of those bikini pictures that she has a tendency to take of herself in the mirror now and then.

Demi’s crushed, her friends are worried if this news will be a “major emotional setback for her.” Never mind Demi, how does all this work for Mila? She’s had to contend with Demi overshadowing everything that she and Ashton have done since getting together. How is Mila feeling these days, as some reports have her more than four months pregnant?

As reported earlier, this is one of the biggest events in life for Mila, but yet when her pregnancy hits the news, Demi’s name is weaved between the lines. This is because people want to know what Demi has to say about this. By now Mila has to be choking on the concept of Ashton and Mila with Demi make three.

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