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Demi Moore not a woman scorned over Ashton and Mila’s baby news?

Demi Moore is not a woman scorned over ex's baby news.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Demi Moore is going about her business as usual after the news hit the media of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis expecting their first baby. Folks say she looks fine and she didn’t run off to some exotic place to rid herself from the pain.

According to USA Today on March 28, Demi was at event with friends and she never looked better. While that is all well and fine, Ashton and Mila’s pregnancy still seems to have a third wheel involved. It seems as if folks are more interested in how Demi is feeling and how Demi is doing regarding the pregnancy more so than the expecting parents.

It’s no secret that Ashton broke her heart and she went through some crazy times when the two split. One thing to think about is that Demi’s relationship with ex-husband Bruce Willis proves she’s got it in her to be friendly with an ex. Bruce and Demi remain great friends and there never seemed to be an ounce of spitefulness coming from either one of them all through the years.

On the other hand, Demi considered Ashton her soul mate and she’s also made no secret about her obsession with youth. Along with loving Ashton, being Mrs. Kutcher kept her feeling young. While Demi is not blowing up over the pregnancy news, it is hard to believe that she’s overjoyed about the news either. Chances are she won't be knitting any booties to present as a gift anytime soon!

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