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Demi Moore Kutcher: An 'emotional setback' to come for Demi Moore?

Demi Moore reacts to news that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting.
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Diane Von Furstenberg

Demi Moore has reacted to news about Ashton Kutcher and his fiancee, Mila Kunis, expecting a baby. The Stir reports March 26 that a source told Hollywood Life Kunis' pregnancy has more closure for Moore than her ex-husband's engagement to the actress.

"She is taking it as well as one would take a situation like this," the source said. "She actually considers this moment to be closure. She never really expected to get back with Ashton but this pretty much seals the deal that the moment of her life with him is now officially completed."

ShowBizSpy reported on what an insider had to say about the Demi Moore Kutcher reaction.

“Demi is struggling to deal with the news,” the source said.

“She wants to flee the country as she knows the paparazzi are waiting to get a picture of her looking sad.

“Instead, she’s planning to go abroad, get herself together and make sure she’s photographed looking amazing on the beach in a bikini.”

The source added that Moore has always been jealous of Kunis and her booming career. She also wanted children with Ashton Kutcher, but he wasn't ever ready for that. Now he wants children with Kunis and that is said to make Moore "bitter." The source added that everyone is worried she could have an "emotional setback" as a result of this news.

Demi Moore learning of Kutcher and Kunis' news had to be a bit of a blow, especially when you think back to how much effort she put into holding onto her youth to be with him. Now Kutcher has moved on and Moore realizes that chapter of her life has ended. What's next for her?

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