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Demi Moore 'creeps' out Mila Kunis with a phone call, really?

Demi Moore calls Mila Kunis and gives her warning a
Demi Moore calls Mila Kunis and gives her warning a

Demi Moore called Mila Kunis in what might be described as a scorned woman’s warning to her husband’s new girlfriend. Demi reaching out to Mila in an unexpected and “creepy” phone call was done as a warning for Mila. She told Ashton Kutcher's new girlfriend to just give it some time and he will cheat on her too, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry on March 12, 2013.

The source of this bizarre insider information is not named, but reportedly that person was there for the entire conversation. Mila was “stunned” to not only hear Demi’s voice on the other end of the phone, but even more shocked at what Demi was trying to do, warn her that her boyfriend is unfaithful.

Apparently Demi used this opportunity to rattle off Ashton’s previous affairs like a laundry list of all the times he done Demi wrong. This was considered a warning to Mila so she wouldn’t marry Ashton. She told Mila that all she would need to do is give it some time because Ashton will cheat on her too.

The alleged creepy part about this phone call was that Demi used her daughter Rumer to get Mila’s phone number. Apparently Rumer and Mila have a mutual friend. This story gets stranger by the minute.

Is Demi still this broken up over losing Ashton? The same source of this news claims that Demi doesn’t particularly care for Mila, but felt it was her duty to warn the woman because when Ashton does cheat on Mila, Demi won’t have any regrets for not warning her.

While this story seemingly offers up the perils of a woman scorned, it seems as if Demi has moved on with her life. It is also hard to believe that if Ashton should ever cheat on Mila, it would result in Demi having regrets for not telling her. This sounds as if Demi has nothing better to do in life but micro-manage her ex and his new girlfriend.

Demi was seen out at a Malibu Beach party over the weekend dancing and fraternizing with some of the big names in Hollywood. She doesn’t sound like a woman sitting home making up warnings for her ex’s girlfriend.

Acting like a scorned wife might have been a stage Demi went through in the beginning of her split from Ashton, but that ship has most likely sailed as it has been a while. Demi was seen at the beginning of the year in Mexico frolicking in the surf with Dead Sara drummer Sean Friday.

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