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Demi Lovato’s hair color changes to silver on vacation: ‘Too much swimming'

Demi Lovato sporting silver hair
Demi Lovato sporting silver hair
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato can thank chlorine and salt water for her new hair color. The former judge of X Factor is currently on vacation and her time off has given her a chance to relax, swim and rejuvenate before her new tour. According to Hollywood Life on Wednesday, the vacation has also given the star silver hair.

“Too much swimming = silver hair.... And I don't hate it....” wrote Demi Lovato on her Instagram picture showcasing the new color. The tanned star looked relaxed and her impression of the color had everyone noticing how relaxed she was about the situation.

Usually people will color enhanced hair don’t hang in the water, even when they are on vacation. The chemicals in the hair, along with the outside elements sometimes mix and offer strange results. While Demi results are pretty typical, there is no doubt the star still looks good, even with silver hair.

The star most likely will be fixing her hair when she returns to work after her vacation. With a new tour and lots of fans to meet, looking her best will be a priority! Of course even if Demi Lovato did show up with silver hair, there wouldn’t be any complaining from fans. She looks good no matter how her hair is styled.