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Demi Lovato is your new news anchor

Before the Malaysian Prime Minister announced that flight 370 was indeed in the Indian Ocean, Demi Lovato was on top of things, more than the CNN correspondents who had been in the flight simulator on air for days on end. Demi Tweeted what we all were thinking:

Demi Lovato poked fun at CNN on Twitter
Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Gillette

“Is it me or are we all staring into the TV, thinking we gonna find the plane on the images shown on CNN...?” “HEY CNN, BREAKING NEWS: I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND IT EITHER!! #itisntbreakingnewsifyouhavenonewstobreak #imeanREALLY?!”

Yes, Ms. Lovato has a way with words and sarcasm. Could it have been her tweets that inspired the Malaysian Airline and the Prime Minister to finally just get the news off their backs? No, but the tweets sure were appreciated! It was a long few weeks for families, and any American trying to watch television. Lovato touched on our culture’s obsession with tragedy and the need for every news channel to be on top of things 24/7- even when there is no actual “news.”

Most young people, Like Demi, aren’t watching CNN or even their local news. Millennials turn to sources like Twitter, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post because not only do they cover the “news,” these sources also cover inspiring stories, topics of interest and things that matter in the world. Not that the missing plane didn’t matter, there is just no need to have a reminder of all of the horrible things happening in the world every second of the day. It’s a good reason why The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs right before your news, so you know when to turn your TV off! Thanks for your always entertaining tweets Ms. Lovato!

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