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Demi Lovato gets criticism for copying Boy George's Culture Club look

Demi Lovato in June 2014
Demi Lovato in June 2014
Demi Lovato/Twitter

Demi Lovato has had several image changes over the years, but in recent months, she's been getting slammed on the Internet for copying the same look that Boy George had at the height of his Culture Club fame in the early 1980s. Unfortunately for Lovato, most people commenting on the Internet think that this Boy George image imitation is a very unflattering and unoriginal look for her. On June 21, 2014, Lovato posted an Instagram/Twitter photo showing her latest hairstyle: braids in the same multicolored style that Boy George used to have circa 1982/1983. She looks so much like a young Boy George that it looks like she's in a Halloween costume dressed as Boy George in the 1980s.

Lovato and most of her fans weren't even born yet when Boy George became famous as the lead singer of Culture Club, so they probably don't know or understand how much of a ridiculous ripoff it is for her to look this way. It's one thing to be inspired by celebrity to look a certain way. It's another thing to look like you're dressed in a Halloween costume imitating a celebrity. Lovato falls into the latter category.

Singer/actress Lovato was a judge on "The X Factor" U.S. in 2012 and 2013. She made's list of the 10 Worst-Dressed "X Factor" Stars of 2013. Here's what we said about her horrendous fashion style: "Something happened to Demi Lovato when she dyed her hair blue in 2013: She began to look like a cartoon character, and she began to dress like a busted-up New Wave club kid from the '80s. So that meant she began wearing eye-sores such as ugly T-shirts, unflattering tight leather trousers, and jackets with unnecessary shoulder pads. She also often wore her hair in a bun that was so messy, it looked like she just rolled out of bed. Lovato announced in December 2013 that she's quitting 'The X Factor,' so that's one less TV show that viewers won't have to see her train-wreck fashion choices."

Here is a sampling of Twitter comments from the past few months about Lovato looking like a Boy George '80s copycat:

"At some point in American history, Demi Lovato began dressing like the middle-aged president of a Boy George fanclub."

"Is it just me or is Demi Lovato trying too hard to be Boy George? Not hating just confused."

"Demi lovato looks like boy george w her dreadlocks."

"Is Demi Lovato trying to look like Boy George circa 1985?"

"Demi Lovato is so yesterday's look. And by yesterday I mean the 80's and by look, I mean Boy George wants his back."

"So is demi lovato just Boy George or what's going on there."


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